120 Crore

120 Crore

Why did Paul encourage speaking in tongues, praying in tongues, praying in the Spirit in 1 Corinthians 14:2,18?

I believe one reason is to praying or speaking in line with the will of God. Jesus while on earth always followed the Father’s will and nothing else because he totally believed in the Father’s Omniscience, therefore He also taught the disciples also to pray for God’s will to happen.

Why do we need to practice such kinds of prayer more? It could be because I am prone in my natural behaviour to pray more about my will & wishes to God (mostly with just a suffix of ‘Thy will be done’ interjected somewhere). But how much do I mean this, to do likewise? I have prayed based on prior knowledge from peer or pulpit ‘savvies’, for India to be a Christian country. But lately when I thought about it, is it really what is God’s will about this heathen nation- to change India to a politically Christian nation? Definitely we have to think in those lines too, if we really mean our prayer for a Christian nation; else what would be the long-term effects of any such resolution nationally?

History and Holy Scriptures have made it clear about the drawbacks of a politically influential Christian nation. It has not served God’s purpose or perfect will on earth but rather history teaches us that it has rather backfired with negative repercussions, for e.g. how the Constantine empire, Crusades, anti-Semitic executions played its role in evolving the Roman Catholic ‘empire’ of today (I mean no offense to any Catholic believer, except to their system of religion which is now subtly adopted by many Protestants also).

Unless the eternally righteous king takes His ruling throne on this earth, the perfect will of God could be dented by the dark forces as long as partially glorified humans take reins of authority here. With transformed bodies, we humans are fragile till Satan and his forces are fully bound by God’s command. So now, why did Jesus teach to pray “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven”?  It is evident because of the power struggle over mankind by Satan’s kingdom, somebody from earth has to petition God, the Father against the resistance of the enemy. We read those in Jesus & Paul’s words also in the Scriptures. (Ephesians 6:17-18; Romans 8:26-27)

With all due respect to zealous revivalists, if a nation as a whole changes to Christianity, would not the ruling strata, culture and traditions of the nation also need to undergo the radical transformation? Is the Body of Christ ready for such a transition currently? Don’t we need a transformation within the Body of Christ in India before we mediate for a ‘revival’ to the nation? It makes me think like author Vishal Mangalwadi said, actually what the church in a geo-political nation like India needs is not just some ‘revival’, but a reformation.

Besides even after 2000+ years of gospel having entered this nation why hasn’t the prayers of the Church impacted a social transformation to that extent? When you pray for India to be saved as a nation, were we successful in bypassing the enemy’s radar and plug-in Heavenly Hotline to invite God’s will here? If you don’t pray according to the Father’s will, there is clearly no lasting impact on earthly realm of God’s kingdom. SO, PRAY IN THE SPIRIT (1 Corinthians 14:14-15). There is this ‘Morse code of prayer’ used since Acts of Apostle chapter 2 that has helped to build Godly relationship in this corrupted world system. It’s probably not any ‘Christian governance’ that can save India to salvation.

1) Let us pray with God’s will in the Spirit and not with our kingdom ideas for India’s 110+ Crore populations.

2) Further, lets then take bold steps towards our own personal evidential transformation according to the Father’s will.

3) Thus, we can see this transformation, reformation or revival as latter rain in these end times by the Holy Spirit, spread on to the superfluously religious, linguistic, culturally variant population of India who are lost.



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