Ministers of the Almighty God

Ministers of the Almighty God

Scripture Reading: Ezekiel 1: 1 to 15

God gave a wonderful vision to Ezekiel the priest who was in captivity in the land of the Chaldeans by the river Chebar. Here we see God preparing Ezekiel to take up His ministry. God always raises people to serve Him and to bring deliverance from captivity, we saw this in Egypt when He raised Moses for the Glory of His name and to deliver His people from bondage. To serve God, we need to have the vision of the throne of God. But to be saved you need the vision of the cross. Once we receive the vision of the throne of God, we come under His authority. In this world we are subjected to several authorities, in our families, work place, in government and so on. But when it comes to the authority of God we must subject ourselves 100 percent. 

This chapter gives us the description of a special class of angelic beings. Though there are several classes of angels with God, this class is very special and Ezekiel names them in Ezekiel Chapter 10:1, as the Cherubim. As we all know that in Hebrew the letters ‘im’ stands for plural and therefore this shows that cherub is singular and cherubim stands for many angels. In this vision there were four cherubim as mentioned by Ezekiel. These creatures were symbolic figures used to depict the majesty attributed to God. They are always seen close to God, guarding and carrying the throne of God. These were the same Cherubim which John saw and records in the book of Revelation.

Ezekiel describes these creatures in great detail.

  • They had the appearance of a man.
  • They had four faces – We have to be very clear, it is not four heads but four faces. The face of an Ox on one side, the face of a Lion, the face of an eagle and a face of a man.
  • They had four wings – Two of their wings were stretched out and with the other two they covered their feet.
  • Their wings touched each other when they went.
  • The noise of the wings as running water.
  • When they stood they let down their wings
  • Their wings were filled with eyes.
  • Their feet were straight feet like the feet of a calf and they sparkled like burnished brass.
  • They had the hands of a man.
  • They went straight forward.
  • Their likeness was like burning coal.
  • They ran as flashes of lightening
  • Each cherub had a wheel with in a wheel which was controlled by the spirit of cherubim.
  • Above them was the throne of God.

This is such a clear description of God’s authority and expectation from His chosen servant to carry His Word. Our God rides so majestically through the universe on this chariot. We can see that the cherubim were carrying the throne of God. In other words, a servant or a minister of God will be subjected to God’s authority and will be carrying God always on His shoulders. The four faces of the cherubim also show the characteristics which a servant of God should possess.

Face of a man – Symbol of wisdom (intelligence)

Face of Lion –   Symbol of power

Face of an Ox- Symbol of humility and strength

Face of an eagle- Symbol of swiftness (speed)

These four characteristics were also seen with our Lord Jesus when He started His ministry on this earth.

Our Lord Jesus took the form of a man filled with the wisdom of God (Mark 6:2). The bible says in John 7: 46, “Never man spake like this man”, full of grace and truth. The Holy Spirit will fill the servants of God with wisdom from above which will help them to win souls for His kingdom. Jesus though He is God came swiftly for us to this earth. The bible says He will carry us on His shoulders just like the eagle to a beautiful place above. A true servant or minister of the word should help people to focus their eyes on the kingdom of God and prepare them to meet their Redeemer and King in the mid-air.

Jesus took the form of an Ox and the bible says that He came not to be ministered but to minister. A servant of God should be humble and serve like an Ox without any pride only then will God help to enlarge his boundaries. Finally Our Lord Jesus Christ is the Lion of the tribe of Judah. There was power in the ministry of Jesus, miracles took place, demons were cast out and He had power over nature. As God’s executives you will be able to do whatever Jesus did and even more through the power of the Holy Spirit from above.

The feet of the Cherubim were straight, which means there was no knee or joints. Now we need a knee to bend down to sit or to lie down. A servant of God will not rest, there is no time for him to lie down and relax because the time is short for preparation. We can see this in the life of Apostle Paul who travelled to several countries for the sake of the Word and would have even come to our country if he had the time. There is rest for a servant of God only at the feet of Jesus. Looking unto Jesus, let us run our race. The feet of the Cherubim were like calf feet and were sparkling like burnished brass. Calf’s feet symbolize separation. A minister of God should lead a separated and a sanctified life purely set apart for God. Once he has decided to lift the cross, there is no turning left or right and his ministry should be carried out with the fire of the Holy Ghost and sparkle like burnished brass.

The wings of the cherubim touched each other as they were flying. This shows that there was fellowship between them, a servant of God does not act alone. He always enjoys the fellowship of other ministers of God in prayer and meditation of the Word of God. Their wings were filled with eyes and they covered their feet with their two wings. This shows that they always looked in the direction God wanted them to look and walked according to God’s will. Their appearance was like burning coal. God’s chosen ministers will be filled with the anointing of the Holy Spirit and will to be as burning coal. Whenever the cherubim went, they ran as flashes of lightning and they went straight forward. A servant of God should not have any sin in him. Our God is a consuming fire and he is totally against sin and rebellion of all forms. This can be seen in the life of Joseph at Potipher’s house as he ran away from sin and seduction. Each cherub had a wheel and the wheel had wheels within them filled with eyes. These wheels were controlled by the spirit of the cherubim. The wheels depict the will of God in the life of a servant of God. The wheel with in a wheel symbolizes the intricate plan of God overshadowing a servant of God. When the living creatures went, the wheels went with them because the spirit of the living creatures was in the wheels. Here we see that spirit of God was planning and leading their path. A servant of God always has to act according to God’s divine will. The scripture says that the steps of a righteous man are ordered by the Lord. The cherubim are a perfect representation of a servant of God.

In Genesis 3:24, we can see the cherubim guarding the access to tree of life in the garden of Eden. Let us suppose man was given access to the tree of life, then there will be no death and the sinful man would never die and the world will be filled with wicked people. How can God send his beloved Son for salvation? Here we can see the cherubim guarding the original purpose of God. Similarly God has given in the hands of every servant of God to guard His original purpose which is to lead His children to eternal life. In New Jerusalem, God will give us access to this tree of Life as written in the Book of Revelation.

In Exodus 25:22, the cherubim were seen on the Arch of the covenant spreading their wings over the mercy seat. In between the cherubim on the mercy seat the presence of God was dwelling. “Where two or three gather together in my name there I will be in their midst” says the Lord. The high priest sprinkles the blood on the mercy seat and the cherubim were always receiving the blood. Similarly a servant of God has to take the blood of Jesus to the people, they should show the blessing that comes forth through the blood of Jesus.

Not only that the cherubim were also embroidered on the veil in Solomon’s temple. On one side they were facing the Arch and on the other side they were facing the people. When Jesus gave up his life on the cross the veil of the temple was torn from top to bottom and obviously the cherubim on the veil were also torn. Galatians 2:20 says, “I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me”. A true servant of God may also be willing to pay the ultimate sacrifice with his life for a testimony to Christ.

Isaiah 6: 8 : “Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then said I, Here am I: send me”.

Child of God prepare to serve the Lord thy God in these end times because the bible says, “the harvest is plenty but the laborers are few”.


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