Resurrection Revelations

Resurrection Revelations

Mark 16: 9-14

This first day of the week was full of new things for the disciples of the Lord. The new order of things was now being established. When a soul passes from the old natural life into the new resurrection life in Christ, it is a new creature entering into a new kingdom.

  1. The Revelation of his power (Mark 16:9)

     “Jesus was risen”. He had said, “I have power to lay down my life, I have power to take it again”. He had now taken again that which he had freely given up for us all. The taking again proves how completely his life had been given away. Having power to take it, he has now power to bestow it in its fullness to all who believe.

  1. Revelation of Grace

He appeared first to Mary Magdalene out of whom he cast seven devils. She who was the greatest sinner among his followers receives first of his resurrection favors. “Where sin abounded, grace did much more abound” (Romans 5:20).

  1. Revelation of deep sorrow (Mark 16:10)

The curtain is lifted, and we get a glimpse of how those that had been with him felt and regarded crucifixion, they mourned and wept. They were like a young motherless family, suddenly bereaved of their wise and loving father, their only real friend on earth. Their tears showed the place he had in their affections. Apostle Paul had this revelation and writes in the letter to Philippians (Philippians 3:18).

  1. Revelation of unbelief (Mark 16:11)

Unbelief always bring disappointment, sorrow and tears mingled with distrust.

  1. Revelation of divine adaptation (Mark 16:12)

The same Savior in a different form. He appeared to Stephen as the glorified one. But to Saul as the persecuted one (Acts 7:55; 9:5). It does not matter what our circumstances or condition may be, when he appears it is always as such a One we need. His Grace.

  1. Revelation of his faithfulness (Mark 16:14)

While they mourned and wept they did not look like those who were unbelieving and hard at heart. But the Lord looks deeper down than tears. If we do come near him He will be faithful with us.

  1. Revelation of Responsibility (Mark 16:14)

The Lord expected them to believe. The Lord believes and expects that men will believe in Him through our word, how is it that we don’t look for immediate results when the Word is spoken? Lord, increase our faith.

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