December blessings

Dear Ones in Christ,

December brings a season of joy, love and peace, all around the world.
December is a special month and we are entering into a special time to sow into lives and express our love in sharing our time, finances and a time of joy in our church & community.

Let me help you ponder on some very important things you can consider to do to make December a meaningful month.

In Christ’ Birth, He was welcomed by all. The wisemen, shepherds, people from far & near. This impact has followed through generation after generation.

Jesus Christ owns us through His Birth, Death & Resurrection. It’s a time for us to welcome someone home, just as Christ lives in you. Buy a meal or clothing for someone across your street or locality. Help the fatherless & homeless.

The greatest joy of all is to share Christ’ love across lives.

Jesus revealed His Love and gave us access to the most highest privilege of sharing the same love to every soul.

Let’s move with compassion and an eagerness to be a channel of blessing this season.

Stay Blessed
Pastor. Suresh Abraham