In the present days we are hearing instructions across the board about changing all our patterns of life. If we are not adapting to the changes we are prone to be affected. The Bible speaks about the standards of quality life.

Let’s take the Word “RIGHTEOUSNESS”. It means being in a right relationship with God; not guilty before GOD. The word righteousness (Greek dikaiosune) in New Testament uses some form of the word no fewer than 228 times (40 times in Romans alone). 

The english word righteous is formed from the base reg’, “to move in a straight line.” To be righteous is to be “in the straight [or right] way.” In the context of morality, the word righteous means living or acting correctly.

In a time when people feel that they have the ability and the right to determine right and wrong for themselves, The Bible presents God as the final measure of morality. His character reveals absolute goodness. He is the ultimate standard of rightness, or righteousness.

We all fall short of God’s flawless standards. But Jesus Christ attained that perfection by His righteous act on the cross and dealt with sin, resulting in justification of life and credited His righteousness to those who trust Him and led us into a restored relationship with Him to fulfill His purposes.(Romans.3:23,5:1-21,8:1-17)

How do you protect yourself?

Having put on the breastplate of righteousness Ephesians.6:14

This piece of armor used by soldiers covers below the neck to either the thighs or just below the stomach in both front and back. Its purpose was to protect the trunk, i.e. the portion of your body between your neck and legs. Most vital organs except the brain are located in this region. 

In Jewish culture, this area was also known as the seat of emotion and will. Satan is an expert at exploiting our emotions in order to entice us to sin. 

The breastplate of righteousness is there to protect your emotions and will. This breastplate is made of the Imputed Righteousness of Christ which enables me to be in a relationship with God and grants me access to Him. It also helps change my character so that I seek to live out that righteousness in daily life. That desire of righteousness can weigh the emotional enticements the devil brings before me.    

Those who practice Righteousness has been born of Him. Practicing righteousness is righteous. (1John.2:29, 3:7)

Let us Live life in the fullness of Jesus Christ.