What are you in your life to others? Tissue paper? Handkerchief? Tissue paper usually has a soft texture, a gentle fragrance, is easy to hold or fold, and is easily affordable too. Because of its softness, it wipes everything without hurting or disturbing others. Even though it tears itself and gets hurt, it tries its best not to hurt others. It absorbs anything and everything. These qualities make it handy and easy to use. The main highlight of tissues is that it is ‘use’ and ‘throw’. We now have tissue boxes where you can take tissues continuously and use them, and then take the next one. Even though the tissue or tissue box knows that it’s losing itself, part by part, without hesitating, it’s ready with the next one to use.

A handkerchief, on the other hand, is of the same use but is not ‘use’ and ‘throw’. It can be reused after a good wash. People gently fold or unfold handkerchiefs before using them. When it’s new, it might not absorb everything fast. But once it gets washed once or twice, it gets softer and can absorb things fast. Handkerchiefs are reused and are kept safe for their next use. Sometimes there are instances where someone loses their handkerchief; some go in search of it, and some will think that it’s fine; it’s just a handkerchief; we can use the next one.

So, which one are you? After reading this, you may have a positive or a negative thought. Yes, being a tissue paper is good; your softness attracts people. The same people knowing your softness and knowing that you are not going to seek revenge for what they do to you, tear you apart, make you empty, use you until you crumble up and become nothing. Even after providing your best to them, even after being with them in their worst times, you always end up in a dustbin. In the end, you just cry alone and have one thing to say, ‘at least I was there for them in their worst times when no one else cared to be,’ but remember, you are now in the dustbin. As for the tissue box, making yourself available for everyone every time, even though you know you are losing yourself part by part for others, and still giving off to others as a fresh one until one day you become all empty and are thrown into the dustbin!

Well, yes, be a handkerchief in your life to others, such that you have value for yourself. It might be hard to understand them in the beginning, but once getting used to the atmosphere and you are there for them, they are going to love you. Also, don’t be an option to them, so they don’t feel or don’t regret your loss. Be their favorite one, and to be like that, you should be in good hands, who value your presence and don’t just leave you here and there. People have their own favorite handkerchief, which they always keep safe and clean. Be that handkerchief in your life.

Give value to your life because that too matters to someone out there, and until you find that someone, keep adding your value. Do not tear yourself apart while healing others because, at times, all you have is yourself. Keep your faith in God and not in humans because humans change, but God will never change. God will never leave you alone. God will give you peace and comfort. And when God fills you with this, be a comfort to others, keeping yourself at a distance where they can’t hurt you, and let peace lead them to God.


Dr. Hebseba Sam