Jesus told to Nathaniel since you came and saw me

Dear Family the closer we get to Jesus our Lord. We will be able to experience and see things beyond human thinking and calculations.

In the Gospel John just the first chapter itself we see 16 different Names or description of Jesus’ identity.

Is it not amazing and the out come is tremendous.

Just to put the context of the above verse itself just see How Philip travelled 20-30 miles to introduced his friend Nathanael to Jesus.

Let’s ask ourselves as a follower of Jesus Christ. How far are we willing to go in order to lead our friend to Jesus. Are we concerned ?

Jesus wishes you as disciple will see Greater things.

Greater Things we will see when your life will turn from your worst scenario to the best opportunity.

Greater Things that we will see is when the Gospel of Jesus spreads like living waters which will become in every soul a fountain of water springing up into everlasting life. John.4:14

Greater things you will see when nobody will become somebody when you are born of The spirit. John.3:8

Greater things that we will see when a 38 year infirmity will be made well in Jesus Name. Healing is on your way in Jesus Name. John.5:6

Greater things you will see as you will be fed to be filled in season & off season. He wants you with remains. John.6:12.

We will see Greater things when we move in the realm of the Holy Spirit.

Let’s wake for a awakening in this generations lots to see in our life & ministry for His Kingdom sake.

I wish greater we see in Jesus Name.

For His Kingdom
Pastor Suresh Abraham