Grace Zone


You are qualified by God and that makes a difference in our life. Every storm will calm in your words with the authority given to you by Jesus.

In Luke.9:1 And He called the twelve together, and gave them power and authority over all the demons and to heal diseases.

This same authority is given to us cause if a little virus can do such a lot of havoc in this world then a little faith as small as a mustard can do greater things in us and through us. (Mathew.17:20).

We all face the same issue today by hiding ourselves cause of the fear which has been the problem since sin entered the world. (Genesis.3:8,10)

In Genesis 3:21 The Lord Clothed them. So that man can fight his way back to The Lord. But we often forgot that God clothed us so that we can fight back the enemy.

Friends He has given us a greater clothing today in the Blood of Jesus which has the power to fight every odd of this world. (1 Peter.1:2) Jesus Christ is able to fill us in the fullest measure His Grace & Peace today.

We need to put this authority in action by the word of testimony to see the way through in this pandemic. Stay safe in The Word and be Protected through His Blood.

You are in the Grace zone.

Your Servant in The Lord
Pastor. Suresh Abraham