It’s going to be a special year for the body of Christ and let me share the heart of God as the Holy Spirit insists me. It’s going to be a year of fulfilment.

Luke.1:45 AMP – And blessed [spiritually fortunate and favored by God] is she who believed and confidently trusted that there would be a fulfillment of the things that were spoken to her [by the angel sent] from the Lord.”

A word Received from God through Elizabeth to Mary.
A Divine Intervention but it’s a prophetic proclamation for all seasons. But Body Of Christ 2023 will have the influence of this Divine Encounter.
Let’s pick three words from this verse

1. Blessed
Blessed are we as we will Spiritually Fortunate to be part of this season and you will be favoured by God.
Blessed are we as we will walk in angelic encounters assigned by Yeshua Ha messiah.
Blessed are you as we walk in heavenly visions.
Blessed are we as we will step into Heavenly interventions to divine appointments.

2. Believed

We believe & Confidently trust in Yeshua Ha Messiah to the new happening’s & beginnings in this season. We confess what we believe and boldly inherit it with a firmness in our heart Yeshua Name. We will see it before it happens and hear it before it’s unfold. We believe the chains will loose and doors will be opened and take us in a speedy action for the kingdom sake in The power of The Holy Spirit.

3. Fulfilment
It’s a going to be the Fulfilment of things spoken of The Lord. The word fulfill in Hebrew is mala’ which means to be full, abundant, accomplished and satisfied. We will be full of the flame of the fire of Holy Spirit walking in abundance of faith and prosperity ready to accomplish that which is spoken to us from Yeshua and will be lead satisfied in the fulfilment of the purpose to see His glory.

Blessed Year of Fulfilment!

Pastor. Suresh Abraham